A wide array of Radiology Services

Diagnostic Imaging Associates has a defined vision that is based on the importance of patient care. We ensure that the needs of both your facility and your patients are met through our focus on quality, service and technology, as follows:

Quality – Our quality assurance program delivers extreme accuracy. Whether you need finals or prelims, our radiology reports are typed and clearly answer the clinical question(s). Also, we use one of the most extensive critical values lists in the industry. We will do all that we can to ensure the patients receive the timely care they need.

Service – We are here to serve you. All critical value calls come from physicians or nurse coordinators - never from a non-medical call center. Physicians are available for consultation when needed to ensure you have what you need to quickly care for your patient needs.

Technology – We have multiple redundant broadband connections. We offer innovative solutions such as key images on reports, HL7-interface capabilities, and remote PACS access for customers.

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Are you a Physician Group, Hospital or Clinic in need of full or part-time Radiology services?

Diagnostic Imaging Associates is a multispecialty full service Radiology group with a unique integrated PACS system, Voice Recognition Technology that can be integrated with your electronic medical records. Final reports for all radiology modalities can be generated by our highly qualified Radiologists and available in minutes by electronic record in your RIS system or via conventional faxed report. Contact us if your practice, hospital or clinic is in need of radiology services.

Contact Michelle Everson by telephone at (318) 861-7413, or by email at meverson@advdiagnostics.com

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Tele-radiology Services

Diagnostic Imaging Associates provides high-quality tele-radiology services to medical facilities throughout the United States. All studies are read by U.S. board-certified radiologists using state-of-the-art technology and high-speed, remote accessibility. Our radiologists read all modalities and are available for consultation when needed. Services can be offered to meet your specific needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Hospital Inpatient & Emergency Radiology

Hospitals are ramping up their tele-radiology services to meet growing interpretation demands, to increase the quality of off-hour interpretations, and to enhance the lifestyles of their radiologists.

Our services have been designed to bridge the gap between double digit growth in the volume of diagnostic radiology procedures and the comparatively minimal growth of radiologists in the field. Diagnostic Imaging Associates has used innovative PACS technology and efficient business processes to assist our clients in meeting these needs. Patient records and data

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Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging Centers

Outpatient imaging centers in today's market must provide sub-specialized interpretations in order to continue and develop referral sources from referring physicians. Diagnostic Imaging Associates has specialists in today's growing markets of orthopedic MRI, oncologic imaging, and PET imaging. In the outpatient arena, we can provide a unique level of service with completed and signed reports within the same business day.